About Us


Hey there, it's me Seana, founder and designer of Amano Studio jewelry.

The story of Amano began in 1997 and is a long and winding road.

After studying Anthropology at UC Berkeley I had a dream: to work with women's cooperatives in small villages of Oaxaca Mexico (Amano means "by hand" in Spanish) and use product design as a means of economic development.  After 12 years of pursuing elusive ideals of economic and social justice through Fair Trade,  I had a little boy (that one I'm holding in the pic not the random but super cool looking dude sitting there on the bench), and my love affair with Mexico came to a close.  In 2010, I settled in Sonoma after a couple years residing in Mexico City and made a hard pivot to what is going on here today:

Amano Studio is a small, woman owned jewelry brand and studio based in Sonoma California. Yes, here in the Valley of the Moon. I know, we're lucky.  Design inspiration comes from the street and the runway.  Participating in trends is participating in global material culture, and it's fun to make a contribution to the collective!  Other influences are of course Amano's Mexican origins, California cultural history and the spellbinding beauty of the California landscape. Oh yeah, and always the night sky. 

So, I've always wanted to write a manifesto.....

#1Affordable: This is not an "aspirational" brand. No, it's a brand for "the people".  Affordability is also an issue of honest pricing. All we need is to be able to work and earn a decent living. The rest we give back to you, our customers. We want everyone to be able to afford Amano. 

  #2 Buy American: everyone one wants to see our manufacturing sector revitalized so put your money where your mouth is and BUY AMERICAN!  Now, as we all know that is not 100% possible at all times.  That's ok.  We do source a small percentage of material from other countries but whenever possible, we are using materials sourced from other US manufacturers.
#3 Love your Mother Earth!  As Californians, we are indoctrinated into environmentalism at an early age so it's a no brainer!  We are striving for a zero waste operation. Most of the metals we use are recycled, many of our components are vintage salvage, we strive toward zero waste in production and use biodegradable materials (like "plastic" bags made from plant material) and 100% post consumer waste paper.  

#4 People before profits: I've got a team of talented, kind women here who help make it all happen and at Amano we allow people the flexibility to take care of their families and earn a living at the same time.  Also, people who work at Amano earn a respectable, living wage.  We recognize that without a strong team, from the bottom to the top, the business can not thrive.  So the human needs of our people always come first.  

#5 We give back:  This is big.  Look, I like shiny, sparkly things as much as the next bird but what is really important is serving people.  Our schools and the most vulnerable among us, that is where the important work is to be done.  If we can use this business as a vehicle to support our community, then great! Let's do it! 

Join us and viva la revolución!

xoxo Seana and the Amano Studio team

Thanks for listening if you were.